Exeter Cathedral School pupil, Jonny cycled 150 miles around Devon during his Easter holiday to raise awareness and funds for the neurological charity Parkinson’s UK. Jonny, who is in Year 7 at ECS and a chorister at Exeter Cathedral, got a new bike for his twelfth Birthday in February andContinue Reading

Tim Mock joined as a crew volunteer at Exmouth RNLI in April 1980, at the age of 21. During his life-saving career, Tim experienced an impressive 14 different lifeboat classes and 15 Divisional and Deputy Inspectors. Tim remembered the early days ‘In 1980, I joined as an inshore lifeboat crewContinue Reading

Exmouth RNLI’s newest volunteer Tour Guide, Jay King, ran 25k yesterday to raise important and much needed funds for the lifesaving charity. Yesterday morning, Saturday 3 April 2021 our very own newly recruited RNLI Tour Guide volunteer, Jay King, proved to the world that dinosaurs are capable of running longContinue Reading

Emerging from vague familiarity into the spotlight as the only route out of the pandemic, vaccines have become an everyday topic of conversation. Most of us now understand the principle of vaccination: our immune system is presented with a part of a pathogen and instructed to create a lasting immuneContinue Reading

Lions Club of Plymouth President Lion Jeff Horgan presented a 50 Year Award Chevron to Lion Walter (Wally) Parson to commemorate his 50 Years of loyal service to the local community of Plymouth and surrounds, as a respected and honoured member of the Lions Club of Plymouth. Wally as manyContinue Reading

The South West’s Goldmine Legendary radio presenter, Chris Dinnis joins The South West’s Goldmine to host the DAB radio station’s ‘The Saturday Breakfast Show’. Taking to the air from Saturday 6th March, Chris will be behind the mic from 8am – 10am, bringing music from the 50’s to the 80’s,Continue Reading

Paula Gover-Simpson sadly passed away in February 2020, much loved to her family and friends. She was a vivacious and inspiring character, who now thanks to family, has a legacy for her creative skill and imagination. Known as Paul, both her and her husband moved to Devon in 2015 toContinue Reading

As he approached his 100th birthday in April 2020, Captain Sir Tom Moore inspired many people with his humility and hope, both in this country and throughout the world. Fundraising for the NHS in the midst of the UK’s first national Covid-19 lockdown, Sir Tom raised over £39 million poundsContinue Reading