Mass polio vaccination in Columbus, US, circa 1961.

“The scientists have done it,” said the UK prime minister, Boris Johnson in December 2020, hailing the development of the new COVID-19 vaccine. Johnson insisted that this success brought “sure and certain knowledge” that people would soon be able to reclaim their lives. But since this optimistic declaration, the COVIDContinue Reading

The Conversation

When supplies of oxygen at hospitals in Manaus, Brazil, recently ran out, the airforce was called in for emergency evacuations while healthcare workers frantically tried to save lives with manual ventilation. For those that could not be saved, there was only morphine and a final hand-squeeze. As calamitous as theContinue Reading

Joggers and cyclists should wear masks – here's why

Tom Wang/Shutterstock England is deep into its third lockdown, yet the daily tally of new COVID cases and deaths remains sickeningly high. As Chris Whitty, the country’s chief medical officer, said recently, more needs to be done to bring the pandemic under control. Masks, which when worn correctly are highlyContinue Reading

Bacon: how you cook it could partially lower cancer risk

Lightly-browned bacon has less carcinogens than well-cooked bacon. D. Pimborough/ Shutterstock Bacon is a much-loved, comforting breakfast item – during the global pandemic, sales have surged in the US and the UK. But while bacon may be delicious, experts recommend people eat little or no processed meats because of theirContinue Reading