Sculptor and son lockdown art collaboration

“For people familiar with my work this series of carvings may come as a surprise for I have made a complete change. They are, without question, a reaction to the pandemic which has affected us all in one way or another. The need to acknowledge the change which settled on the world, took a little while to manifest itself with me, but when it came, it came with a rush.

I think the carving of heads at this time has felt like the right thing to do. To be apposite. It feels as if our species itself is being threatened, tested and challenged by the virus in a way that has brought us, literally to a standstill. What better way than to turn our attention inwards. Never in my lifetime has there been such a moment in which to reflect on the way forward.

The months carving these heads have been months spent thinking not only about the carving but about this perhaps ultimate challenge, of how we on this earth might move forward together. The sculptures themselves have taken on these thoughts and, as happens with carving begun to absorb or inhabit them. I should make clear that I have not set out to carve a likeness of anyone; these heads are in a way, abstract. I assemble the parts and try and make them fit together in a way that I like.  It is only when I stand back that I see someone.

Who is it, this person that has grown from my subconscious? Nobody, or perhaps everybody? I realise that for me they seem timeless and take me back to the beginning of time. They could be from any era and the race seems to be unclear and shifting and even the sex is ambiguous.”
William Peers