Carillion: move to disqualify directors signals UK authorities getting tougher on 'corporate wrongdoing'

Dead and buried. Joe Giddens/PA Archive It was a dramatic end for government super-contractor Carillion when it crashed into insolvent liquidation in January 2018. Part-completed road projects, unfinished hospital buildings and disruption to hospital cleaning and catering heralded the end of this self-styled “integrated support services business”. Carillion owed itsContinue Reading

Brexit trade problems: what’s gone wrong and can it be fixed?

Empty shelves in Sainsburys in Belfast because UK suppliers can't clear customs. David Young/PA Queues of lorries at borders and empty supermarket shelves confirm what most already knew: the EU-UK Trade and Cooperation Agreement (TCA) has increased trade barriers between the EU and the UK. So what problems are arising,Continue Reading

Four-day week: how workplaces can successfully establish it

Ant Rozetsky/Unsplash Many workplaces have been experimenting with different types of flexible working arrangements for years now, but the pandemic has made the need for flexibility far more pressing. This has led to the intensification of many campaigns around flexible working, among them a call for a four-day week. TheContinue Reading

Five economic effects from the Democratic sweep in Washington

Not your average Joe. Vasilis Asvestas/Shutterstock Joe Biden will inherit among the most challenging political and economic environments of any US president. With America reeling from the storming of the Capitol by pro-Trump insurrectionists, not to mention a raging pandemic, President Biden must heal partisan wounds and put the world’sContinue Reading