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Hungary’s parliamentary elections in spring 2022 will give illiberal Prime Minister Viktor Orbán a chance to continue his Fidesz government for a fourth term. An unlikely opposition candidate could disrupt these plans. Orbán will face Péter Márki-Zay, mayor of the Hungarian county town of Hódmezővásárhely. Márki-Zay’s win in the oppositionContinue Reading

Enforcement of vaccine passes in nightclubs and music venues will be a legal requirement, but gardaí will have a limited role in its enforcement. On Tuesday, the Government announced late-night venues will be permitted to reopen under strict conditions, including that customers produce a valid document showing they have hadContinue Reading

Celebrity met statesmanship in the form of Arnold “the Governator” Schwarzenegger, and more recently, in the presidency of former reality star Donald Trump. Celebrities entering politics is an international pasttime. Brazilian footballer-turned-senator Romário de Souza Faria, singer Bobi Wine as runner-up in the (contested) Ugandan presidential elections, and comedian VolodymyrContinue Reading