Carillion: move to disqualify directors signals UK authorities getting tougher on 'corporate wrongdoing'

Dead and buried. Joe Giddens/PA Archive It was a dramatic end for government super-contractor Carillion when it crashed into insolvent liquidation in January 2018. Part-completed road projects, unfinished hospital buildings and disruption to hospital cleaning and catering heralded the end of this self-styled “integrated support services business”. Carillion owed itsContinue Reading

Graph showing internet usage in Uganda falling sharply after social media ban.

Forty-eight hours before Ugandan voters went to the polls the country’s Communications Commission (UCC) imposed a social media blackout. It had been a bitter and violent election campaign pitting the 76-year-old veteran president, Yoweri Museveni against Robert Kyagulanyi – better known as Bobi Wine – a 38-year-old pop-star-turned-politician. Museveni hasContinue Reading

Type 2 diabetes: short-term low-carb diet linked to remission – but only if weight is lost

Were low-carb diets really better at achieving remission? Flotsam/ Shutterstock Whether restricting carbohydrate intake is an effective way to manage type 2 diabetes is a topic of some controversy in nutrition – largely because trial results have so far been pretty inconclusive. While multiple meta-analyses have reviewed the current bodyContinue Reading