Interdisciplinary Research Professor at the University of Glasgow, Andrew Hoskins participated in an expert roundtable on ‘A New Security Paradigm for Financial Institutions’. The event, held online on March 27, 2023, was hosted by the Information Security Institute (Munich, Germany), and was under the auspices of the European Academy ofContinue Reading

Four volcanic hotspots in the Solar System

Io has volcanism. NASA/JPL/University of Arizona Evidence for current volcanic activity on the planet Venus has recently made the news. But Venus is far from the only world beyond Earth to exhibit signs of volcanic activity. In fact, having volcanic activity (volcanism) on planets is quite common. Here are fourContinue Reading

Why elite athletes should develop mindfulness to up their game

Novak Djokovic at the Australian Open. Action Plus Sports Images / Alamy Athletes at the very highest level of their sport face the challenge of performing consistently under pressure amid many potential distractions, including performance anxiety, crowd behaviour, their own and others’ expectations, and the responses of their opponents. TheContinue Reading