Mutant roots reveal how we can grow crops in damaged soils

Lidiane Miotto/Shutterstock For years, conventional wisdom has held that roots don’t grow as deep in hard soil because it’s just too difficult for them to physically push through it. But our new research has unearthed another reason: their growth is controlled by a biological signal which can be “switched off”,Continue Reading

Trump's Twitter ban obscures the real problem: state-backed manipulation is rampant on social media

ozrimoz/Shutterstock Donald Trump’s controversial removal from social media platforms has reignited debate around the censorship of information published online. But the issue of disinformation and manipulation on social media goes far beyond one man’s Twitter account. And it is much more widespread than previously thought. Since 2016, our team atContinue Reading

How to avoid scams when buying a pet online

Buying puppies online can be a dangerous activity. from For many people, the pandemic has been a lonely experience. Because of this, it might be tempting to go on the internet and look for a new animal companion. Whether it is a puppy, kitten or even an exotic bird,Continue Reading

Wormholes may be lurking in the universe – and new studies are proposing ways of finding them

Could we travel to other universes using wormholes? ktsdesign/Shutterstock Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity profoundly changed our thinking about fundamental concepts in physics, such as space and time. But it also left us with some deep mysteries. One was black holes, which were only unequivocally detected over the pastContinue Reading