New historical research is revealing how medieval mass tourism helped revive key aspects of England’s economy after the Black Death. At least a third of the population died as bubonic plague devastated the country – especially towns – in the mid-14th century. Key parts of the nation’s financial system wentContinue Reading

Toxic forever chemicals and nanoplastics can alter key proteins in human breast milk and cause developmental defects in children, two new studies have warned. Nanoplastics and polyfluoroalkyl substances, simply known as PFAS or forever chemicals, pose serious health risks by increasing the odds of cancer, hormone imbalance, fertility issues, andContinue Reading

Fast-moving stars seen in a nearby star cluster within the Milky Way suggest the presence of an elusive black hole which may be the closest one to Earth, researchers say. The star cluster, Omega Centauri, is a collection of around 10 million stars, visible as a smudge in the nightContinue Reading