“A poet’s task is to mouth the truth”, so says Alan M Kent, the award-winning poet, novelist and dramatist, in the title poem of his latest book of poetry. On the cover is a photograph of the Bocca della Verita, a large marble mask that is housed in the SantaContinue Reading

Candy Jar is pleased to announce its twenty-second ‘Book of the Month’, The Animal Says…Published with the help and support of Candy Jar’s award-winning partner imprint Jelly Bean Books, this delightful book brings the animal kingdom to life with interesting facts and glorious artwork for young readers.         Written and illustrated byContinue Reading

Boomers vs millennials? Free yourself from the phoney generation wars

There are real differences between generations – but none of them relate to avocado toast. Shutterstock Generational thinking is a big idea that’s been horribly corrupted and devalued by endless myths and stereotypes. These clichés have fuelled fake battles between “snowflake” millennials and “selfish” baby boomers, with younger generations facingContinue Reading

Vaccine passports: Scotland's new rules are toughest in UK – and could hurt events industry

Nightclubs in Scotland will require vaccine certification for entry soon. Piotr Piatrouski/Shutterstock The benefits of a certification scheme, in terms of a public health intervention, in terms of incentivising vaccination, those benefits outweigh the concerns that still remain. Humza Yousaf MSP September 2 2021 Those were the words of theContinue Reading

Horticulturist Giles Palmer hopes to help Westerleigh Group become an industry-leader when it comes to sustainability and the presentation of its gardens.  The father-of-two, from Torbay, was recently appointed as Head of Grounds for Westerleigh Group, the UK’s largest independent owner-operator of crematoria, with 35 sites across England, Scotland and Wales.  After a career spanning someContinue Reading