8 March 2022, London – Judge Elizabeth Cooke has been appointed as the new President of the Property Litigation Association (PLA), as Liz Peace CBE steps down from the role after a five-year term. Judge Cooke has been a Judge in the Lands Chamber of the Upper Tribunal since 2019. She wasContinue Reading

The Lions Club of Plymouth carried out a collection organised by Lion Jim Shipton at various well known super markets throughout Plymouth over the two weeks prior to Christmas 2021 with the main aim to collect sufficient funds to help pay for a Panda Warmer (Hot Cot), for the HighContinue Reading

Blind and partially sighted people living in Somerset are finding their voices, thanks to a unique opportunity provided by Taunton-based charity Somerset Sight. The charity, which was established in 1919, provides support to more than 3,000 people living in Somerset who are partially sighted or blind. It organises meetings andContinue Reading

Dr Robert Simpson-White is celebrating his 100th birthday on January 18th. Dr Simpson-White was a very well known family GP in Plymouth, from the early 1950’s, after taking over his father’s practice on Union Street. In 1961 he moved his surgery to Adelaide Street, Stonehouse, where he practised single handedlyContinue Reading

President Jeff Horgan, Members and Ladies of the Lions Club of Plymouth proudly announce the 100th birthday of Honorary Member Marie Heathershaw.  Marie moved to Plymouth after W.W.2 with her husband Reuben and lived in Peverell. Reuben was a founder member of the Lions Club of Plymouth and was PresidentContinue Reading