Dr Robert Simpson-White is celebrating his 100th birthday

Dr Robert Simpson-White is celebrating his 100th birthday on January 18th. Dr Simpson-White was a very well known family GP in Plymouth, from the early 1950’s, after taking over his father’s practice on Union Street.

In 1961 he moved his surgery to Adelaide Street, Stonehouse, where he practised single handedly until he retired in 1988.

Dr Simpson-White set up the Plymouth Deputising Service to cover GP’s holidays, evening and weekend work. This was before paramedics existed, so was a vital part of patient healthcare.

He was also chairman of The Plymouth Medical Society, and served on the Family Practitioner Disciplinary Committee for 21 years.

Dr Simpson-White cared very much for his patients and their families, and was valued for his dedication, empathy and hard work.

Dr Simpson-White retired to Gloucestershire, where he lives with his wife Jill. He has four grown up children;  Victoria, Lisa, Charlotte and William, thirteen grandchildren and four great grandchildren.