A Journey Beyond the Ordinary: An Interview with Yuliya Pogasiy

In a world that often feels like a relentless race, it’s rare to find individuals who have paused, reflected, and embarked on a journey of self-discovery. Today, we have the privilege of introducing one such individual, Yuliya Pogasiy, who has spent years exploring the depths of her being, transcending the boundaries of the mind, and finding her true self.

Yuliyas journey is a testament to the power of introspection and the pursuit of spiritual growth. Her experiences offer valuable insights for those of us who are also on the path of self-discovery. In this exclusive interview, Yuliya shares her unique perspective on life, the role of the ego, and the transformative power of self-realization.

WMN: Yuliya, it’s a pleasure to have you with us today. Your journey is truly inspiring. Could you tell us about the moment you decided to embark on this path?

Pogasiy: Thank you for having me. It was a moment of profound realization. I was caught up in the race for recognition, career, and success. But one day, I received such a blow that it woke me up. I realized that the world around me is not just a backdrop for my life, but a living, breathing organism. And that I am not just an actress on this stage, but also a director, and a screenwriter of my life.

WMN: That’s a powerful realization. How did this change your perspective?

Pogasiy: It was transformative. I began to see life as a kind of gym for our spiritual growth and accumulation of experience. It’s like a maze where we must find an exit, despite all obstacles and illusions. The ego, which I see as the director of the “Enterprise”, motivates us to achieve goals, to grow in all its manifestations, to seek “earthly good”. But it also masterfully ensnares us in its nets, compelling us to live with memories of the past, dreams of the future, pushing us towards mistakes, towards falls.

WMN: It’s interesting how you describe the ego as both a motivator and a trap. Could you elaborate on that?

Pogasiy: Certainly. The ego is a perfect manager, it pushes us to achieve, to grow, to seek. But it also has a tendency to ensnare us in its nets. It compels us to live with memories of the past, dreams of the future, pushing us towards mistakes, towards falls. It does everything possible to distract us from realizing that Life is here and now, that Now is all we have.

Interviewer: And how did you navigate through this maze?

Pogasiy: It was a process. I tried to solve my problems, to deal with those who offended me, to prove to the world that “I am not guilty”. But all this did not yield the expected result. At one beautiful moment, I felt my hands dropping. I realized that all my efforts, all my attempts to prove something to someone, all this was in vain. And then I said to myself: “Let it all burn, let it be as it will be”.

WMN: That sounds like a moment of surrender. But you see it differently, don’t you?

Pogasiy: Absolutely. I see it as a liberation from unnecessary burdens, from unnecessary expectations, from unnecessary stress. And it was the beginning of my journey to the true Self. This was that very “window of opportunity”. It was a chance to go beyond what we are used to considering reality, a chance to see the world from a new angle.

WMN: How has this realization and the subsequent journey impacted your daily life?

Pogasiy: It has been transformative. I’ve learned to let go of the need to control everything, to accept things as they are. It has been a journey of learning to live in the present, to appreciate the now. It’s a continuous process, and every day brings new insights and understandings.

WMN: Your journey is truly inspiring, Yuliya. What would you like to share with our readers based on your experiences?

Pogasiy: I have a deep desire to share my experience and achievements. Not claiming absolute truth, not striving to become a Teacher or Mentor, I just want to openly and sincerely share with those who are also seeking themselves, who are also on the path of self-discovery. This journey is not always easy, it is full of trials and difficulties. But every step on this path brings me closer to the true Self, to who I truly am. And I am grateful for this opportunity, for this chance that the Universe has given me.

WMN: As we conclude, what would be your message to our readers who are on their own journey of self-discovery?

Pogasiy: I would say, be patient with yourself. This journey is not a race, it’s a process of growth and understanding. Embrace the trials and difficulties, for they are opportunities for growth. And remember, every step on this path brings you closer to your true Self. May your path be full of light and knowledge.

Yuliya’s journey is a testament to the transformative power of self-discovery and the pursuit of spiritual growth. Her experiences offer a beacon of light for those of us navigating the maze of life. As we conclude this enlightening conversation, we are left with a sense of hope and a renewed perspective on our own journeys. As Pogasiy says, “May your path be full of light and knowledge.”