Wormholes may be lurking in the universe – and new studies are proposing ways of finding them

Could we travel to other universes using wormholes? ktsdesign/Shutterstock Albert Einstein’s theory of general relativity profoundly changed our thinking about fundamental concepts in physics, such as space and time. But it also left us with some deep mysteries. One was black holes, which were only unequivocally detected over the pastContinue Reading

AUS vs IND: Steve Smith during the third Test match against India.© AFP Australia’s premier batsman Steve Smith is “shocked and disappointed” at the controversy created by the allegations levelled against him for a purported video where he is seen scuffing up the guard mark of Indian batsman Rishabh PantContinue Reading

Business debt: hidden advantage for giant firms means economy has been K-shaped for decades

Ladders for us, snakes for you. Ratthaphong Ekariyasap When the COVID-19 pandemic first hit, it seemed like the day of reckoning for over-stretched corporate borrowers was finally at hand. For years, pundits and policymakers had been warning about a dangerous build-up of the debt of “non-financial firms”, meaning all thoseContinue Reading

Exams cancelled? Think like a university student to get ahead

Slatan/Shutterstock A-level exams in England, Wales and Northern Ireland have been cancelled, along with Highers in Scotland. It’s not yet clear what the replacement for these exams will look like, and many students may be feeling anxious or despondent about their prospects. However, some kind of assessment will take placeContinue Reading