Why children need to be taught more about their human rights

Charlein Gracia/Unsplash Many children have an innate sense of equality, fairness and justice and know how these concepts relate to their day-to-day lives. A lot of children also have the confidence to voice their opinions when they feel a lack of justice. But unfortunately, this is not always that caseContinue Reading

Uber, WeWork, Airbnb – how coronavirus is bursting the tech bubble

Coronavirus losers. easy camera / Shutterstock.com A handful of technology companies have benefited from coronavirus. Amazon has profited handsomely, as have streaming and video conferencing platforms like Netflix and Zoom. But the pandemic has laid bare the shaky foundations of a number of other platforms that bill themselves as technologyContinue Reading

How philosophy can help children cope with uncertain times

5D Media/Shutterstock The current pandemic has interrupted life as we know it. People – individuals and nations – have reacted differently to the shock. We have all had to try to make sense of the situation as restrictions were brought in to govern and modify our daily routines – restrictionsContinue Reading