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University of Canberra Vice-Chancellor and President Professor Paddy Nixon and Professorial Fellow Michelle Grattan discuss the week in politics including the Eden-Monaro byelection, Scott Morrison’s 2020 Defence Strategic Update, and the Coronvirus outbreak in Melbourne. Michelle Grattan does not work for, consult, own shares in or receive funding from anyContinue Reading

Research: land use challenges for Indonesia's transition to renewable energy

People gather at Tolo Wind Farm in Jeneponto Regency, South Sulawesi The world’s fourth-highest emitter of greenhouse gases, Indonesia, is heavily reliant on coal to generate electricity. Its coal-fired power plants produce a third of the country’s emissions. To minimise its future greenhouse gas emissions, Indonesia is gearing upContinue Reading

How to manage plant pests and diseases in your victory garden

Entomologist Brian Lovett examines flea beetle-infested potatoes in Morgantown, West Virginia. Matt Kasson, CC BY-ND Home gardening is having a boom year across the U.S. Whether they’re growing their own food in response to pandemic shortages or just looking for a diversion, numerous aspiring gardeners have constructed their first raisedContinue Reading

A green stimulus to boost the energy transition?

Beyond its catastrophic impacts on health, the Covid-19 virus is wreaking havoc on the world economy and governments’ public finances. The length and depth of the economic crisis are unknown, but it is certain that few sectors will emerge stronger. This health crisis is a large, unexpected, and persistent shockContinue Reading