Five ways online university learning can be better than face-to-face teaching

Stanislau Palaukou/Shutterstock The University of Cambridge has announced that all lectures will be offered online for the academic year beginning in October 2020. Other UK universities are expected to adopt similar policies, adopting a format which blends online learning with more traditional teaching. The announcement has disappointed and worried someContinue Reading

Teaching primary school children about LGBT+ relationships: is the government taking the right approach?

DGLimages/Shutterstock English primary schools will follow revised guidance on education about relationships from September 2020. The guidance emphasises teaching about diverse families, and this approach includes recognition of LGBT+ people. For many schools, this will not be the first time children have been taught about same-sex parents. Since 2011, theContinue Reading

The International Labour Organization was founded after the Spanish flu – its past lights the path to a better future of work

The fraying fabric of the global order was ill-prepared for a pandemic. As the focus now shifts from health to wealth amid the ensuing economic crisis, the World Health Organization (WHO) will cede the stage to other international bodies tasked with steering a course through the current turmoil and recoveryContinue Reading

How young black people in care made their voices heard

Ahturner/Shutterstock The rediscovery of the UK’s black histories is long overdue. This includes the lives of young black people in care. Their story reflects the historical struggles of other black groups in making themselves heard – a struggle which underlies the current Black Lives Matter protests. My research has examinedContinue Reading

Social media helps reveal people's racist views – so why don't tech firms do more to stop hate speech?

GoodStudio/Shutterstock This article contains examples of racist, Islamophobic and threatening language Twitter has finally permanently removed right-wing commentator Katie Hopkins from its platform for violating its “hateful conduct” policy. Many would ask why it took so long for Twitter to ban someone with such a long record of offensive comments.Continue Reading