Susan Hall: Tory mayoral candidate admits she 'doesn't know' how much bus fare costs

Susan Hall: Tory mayoral candidate admits she ‘doesn’t know’ how much bus fare costs

Thirteen candidates have already declared an interest in running, and more are expected to throw their hats into the ring in the coming weeks

SADIQ KHAN (Labour) Seeking a historic third term. Announced that his free school meal programme will continue for another year if re-elected. Tight-lipped on the rest of his pledges. Says focus is on making London “safer, more prosperous, affordable and fairer”.

SUSAN HALL (Conservative) Campaigned hard against the expansion to the Ultra Low Emission Zone last year. Vows to scrap the expansion “on day one”, saying it has “been devastating for people”. She also plans to invest £200 million of additional funding into the police and to set up specialist units to tackle burglaries and thefts.

ZOE GARBETT (Green) Pledges to de-prioritise policing of cannabis and to make public transport more affordable including free bus travel for under-22s.

ROB BLACKIE (Lib Dem) Says he will “get the police to focus on serious crimes and earn the respect of Londoners”. Believes the Met is wasting time on low level drug offences like laughing gas and should be free to investigate rapes and sexual offences.

HOWARD COX (Reform UK) Founder of the FairFuelUK campaign. Would scrap the entire Ulez and “extensively increase policing visibility 24/7 to cut crime”. He would increase affordable housing, particularly for low-income families”.

NATALIE CAMPBELL(Independent) Promises to take a CEO’s approach to deliver recovery and growth. Head of bottled water company Belu and chancellor of the University of Westminster, she was originally longlisted to be the Conservative candidate.

GEORGE GALLOWAY (Workers Party of Britain) Previously stood for the Respect Party in 2016. Advocates “decent, cheap housing for all” and “an end to imperialist wars”.

AMY GALLAGHER (Social Democratic Party) Will “push back on woke ideology” and vows to “depoliticise the police” and make transport free for under-25s.

SHYAM BATRA (Independent) Property and finance broker who wants to “give people a voice”. Promises to abolish Ulez, the congestion zone and 20mph limits.

TARUN GHULATI (Independent) Wants to re-open police stations in areas with high crime and to tackle inequality.

RAYHAN HAQUE (Independent) Proposes car-free Sundays in central London once a month and making capital “AI-ready”.

ANDREAS MICHLI ( Independent) Gym owner proposes free gym memberships for Londoners and to train police officers up to blue belt in Brazilian jiu-jitsu.

COUNT BINFACE (Count Binface Party) In 2021’s contest, he promised to rename London Bridge “after Phoebe Waller” and for no shop to sell croissants for more than £1.