Something’s creating a “Stir” in Ashburton (on Dartmoor)

Visitors to The Crib Campsite in Devon are getting an unexpected bonus when they arrive on their holiday, with the current travel restrictions how could they imagine that they would find themselves beside Dartmoor Estate Tea, a commercial tea plantation and Britain’s first Tea Visitor Attraction. Comprising of around 10’000 tea plants, the Plantation, Tea house and Micro-factory tell the story of the production and process of tea from crop to cup. Visitors are encouraged to walk through the tea fields where, in the summer months, they may find tea pluckers gathering a harvest of what must be one of Britain’s rarest crops. The business began in 2015 and ever since it has been collecting and growing tea plants from across the globe and where their suitability for the Devon climate is tested in the field. The Estate makes Green, Black and Oolong teas from their harvest and also sells specially selected fair trade and organic teas in the beautiful Tea House.

So if in all this hot weather you feel the need to stop for a cuppa, then why not make tracks over to Ashburton to see what’s brewing?