Why urban density is good for health – even during a pandemic

Rasto SK/Shutterstock Disease outbreaks shape our cities. Public health concerns have influenced some of the most iconic developments in urban planning. London’s sewage systems were developed in response to cholera outbreaks in the 19th century. In the USA at the turn of the 20th century, public parks became a popularContinue Reading

Curious Kids: How much does a cloud weigh?

Khakimullin Aleksandr/Shutterstock How much do clouds weigh? – Torben, aged 10, London, UK We see clouds often: fluffy clouds on a nice summer’s day, towering thunderstorms, wispy high clouds or even grey clouds that cover the whole sky for days. Clouds seem to be floating in the air, which mightContinue Reading

Does your homemade mask work?

Ti Vla/Shutterstock If a surgeon arrived at the operating theatre wearing a mask they had made that morning from a tea towel, they would probably be sacked. This is because the equipment used for important tasks, such as surgery, must be tested and certified to ensure compliance with specific standards.Continue Reading

What racial discrimination does to young people's wellbeing

fizkes/Shutterstock Discrimination against minority groups can be difficult to prove. Perpetrators are typically motivated to deny their prejudices, and are not always aware of their biases. This makes it possible to suggest – as happened recently in the Dutch national parliament – that racism is virtually nonexistent, and that claimsContinue Reading

Marielle Franco case remains under state police without federal interference, rules Brazil High Court · Global Voices

Marielle’s family says they will still demand answers Anielle Franco, Marielle’s sister. Message: We will continue demanding answers. Photo: Reproduction/Instituto Marielle Franco. Used with permission. On May 27, Brazil’s High Court of Justice (STJ) ruled that the investigation of the murder of Marielle Franco, the Rio de Janeiro city councillorContinue Reading