Stonehenge first stood in Wales: how archaeologists proved parts of the 5,000 year-old stone circle were imported

Mr Nai/Shutterstock According to Geoffrey of Monmouth, whose History of the Kings of Britain was written in 1136, the mysterious monoliths at Stonehenge were first spirited there by the wizard Merlin, whose army stole them from a mythical Irish stone circle called the Giants’ Dance. Centuries before the development ofContinue Reading

NHS workers will need help to manage the trauma of the pandemic

Healthcare workers' mental health is suffering during the pandemic. Life during the pandemic has been difficult for most of us. But there’s no doubt some occupational groups have had a particularly tough time, especially NHS workers. Many NHS staff have dealt with inordinate numbers of critically ill patients. SomeContinue Reading

How the pandemic may damage children's social intelligence

Children's brain development rely on interaction with other kids. sutadimages/Shutterstock Do you remember the excitement and anticipation of your first day at school? Perhaps you were looking forward to making new friends. Or maybe you were shy and anxious. Research shows that such excitement and stress are the two mostContinue Reading

Why we're obsessed with music from our youth

It was better in the old days. Deflector Image/Shutterstock People tend to be extremely nostalgic about the music they listened to when they were young. If you were a teenager in the 1970s, chances are you will love Queen, Stevie Wonder or ABBA. And if you were young in theContinue Reading