Hundreds attend Co Cork rally in support of refugees and asylum seekers

A rally in support of refugees and asylum seekers took place in Fermoy, Co Cork on Saturday afternoon.

The Irish Examiner reported that up to 300 people attended the rally.

It followed a protest on Wednesday night by dozens of people outside an accommodation centre in the town where 66 recently arrived international protection (IP) applicants are staying.

At today’s rally, people of all ages gathered with banners and chanted: “Refugees welcome, asylum seekers welcome”.

One of the organisers, Kate O’Connell, said: “If you live here, you belong here. Fermoy is your home.”

She said “hate mongers” do not bring solutions to communities.

During the rally, a small number of people linked to Wednesday’s protests attempted to engage with some of those attending the rally.


A number of gardaí were on duty at the gathering.