FOOTBALL clubs will be able to use spot checks rather than scanning every fan’s vaccine passport when new rules come into force next week.

All supporters heading to games with an attendance of more than 10,000 will have to show Covid papers to get in at the turnstiles from Wednesday.


Fans will have to have a Covid pass to get into football matches in EnglandCredit: PA
The new restrictions are being brought in amid fears over the Omicron variant


The new restrictions are being brought in amid fears over the Omicron variantCredit: Reuters

People will be able to provide proof of either full vaccination or a negative Lateral Flow test taken within the last 24 hours.

Clubs will be responsible for policing the new rules and turning away any fans who can’t provide the right information.

But under the new rules they won’t have to check every fan, according to MailOnline.

It said the loophole is necessary to avoid crushes at the turnstiles and build up of crowds outside stadiums where Covid could spread.

The Premier League said it’s still haggling over the fine print with Government and “further details will be confirmed shortly”.

It added: “Clubs have been working hard to prepare for the introduction of the Government’s Plan B.”

Burnley have already announced all adult fans attending Turf Moor “will need to pre-register their Covid-19 status” from now on.

The club said: “Supporters should continue to expect to be subject to spot-checks on the perimeter and/or turnstiles of the stadium.”

‘Risk-based’ approach

Premier League sides have already been trialling the use of spot checks at games this season in anticipation of vaccine passports.

But until now it has been up to individual clubs whether or not to turn away supporters without Covid papers.

Footy chiefs will be encouraged to check as many fans as possible to ensure people aren’t sneaking in under the radar.

Some clubs may opt to scan everyone’s NHS app, but for others that likely won’t be possible due to safety considerations.

That’s particularly true of older grounds surrounded by narrow terraced streets where large crowds could quickly build up.

Bosses will be urged to take a “risk-based” approach to checks whilst making sure high compliance with the new restrictions.

It’s likely many clubs will check a high proportion of fans to demonstrate that use of vaccine passports can keep stadiums open.

Terraces were shut completely to supporters for most of last year’s lockdown to help stop the spread of Covid.

The new curbs are being introduced amid growing concern about the rapid spread of the Omicron variant across Britain.

Today a minister admitted the UK is facing a “difficult few weeks” after Boris Johnson triggered his Plan B.

As well as vaccine passports for major events like the footy Brits also have to wear masks in most indoor settings and work from home.

And there are reports that Whitehall is already working on more stringent ‘Plan C’ measures for January.

They could include making people scan in and pubs and restaurants and making venues table service only.

Vaccine passports may also be extended to smaller venues in an effort to curb the spread of the virus.