Crowdfunder for a lasting memorial to Terry Sweet and Bernard Hawken launched by local MP and Pride in Plymouth

The appeal for a lasting and fitting memorial to Terry Sweet and Bernard Hawken, two men who were attacked in Central Park in November 1995 has been launched by Pride in Plymouth and Luke Pollard, the local MP.  Terry Sweet lost his life the following morning due to the attack and Bernard Hawken was left with life changing injuries for the remainder of his life.  

The crowdfunding appeal is aiming to raise £500 for plaque on the restored bench and tree planting of a mature willow tree in memory of the two men and to fund a dedication event when lockdown restrictions allow.  The appeal also includes a £500.00 stretch target and, should this be reached, Pride in Plymouth will create a bespoke educational programme to address hate towards LGBT+ people in Plymouth. 

Luke Pollard MP, Plymouth’s first out MP said: 

“This attack shocked our city with its brutality and in the reaction. This appeal will create a fitting and appropriate memorial to Terry and Bernard that remembers them as people rather than one that remembers Terry’s murder. I know Plymouth’s LGBT+ community will get behind this appeal and I hope it can be delivered this side of Easter with the support of our city.” 

Dr Alan Butler from Pride in Plymouth said: 

“This story is a difficult and painful one to tell as part of our LGBT+ heritage in the city.  We’re very aware of the sensitivities for the family and friends but as a community we feel we need to remember and acknowledge these two men and their loss while also hopefully looking at the distance that’s been travelled since the time of the murder and what the next steps may be.”