IND vs ENG, 1st Test Day 5 Highlights: England Outclass India In Chennai To Take 1-0 Series Lead | Cricket News

IND vs ENG Live: James Anderson celebrates a wicket on Day 5 of the first Test match, in Chennai.© BCCI

Having lost nine wickets, India are in a bad position against England on Day 5 of the first Test match, at the MA Chidambaram Stadium in Chennai. The hosts need more than 220 runs on the final day, with Ishant Sharma and Jasprit Bumrah currently unbeaten and batting for them. India already lost opener Rohit Sharma in the dying stages of Day 4. He could only muster 12 off 20 balls. Meanwhile, Cheteshwar Pujara, Shubman Gill and Rishabh Pant were dismissed in the early stages of Day 5, with the duo registering scores of 15, 50 and 11 respectively. Washington Sundar was sent back to the pavilion after only five deliveries. Ashwin, who was building a slow and steady partnership with Kohli, lost his wicket after the lunch break. Meanwhile, Virat Kohli was also dismissed after scoring 72 runs. For the visitors, Jack Leach has taken four wickets and James Anderson has taken three wickets. Meanwhile, Dom Bess and Ben Stokes have registered a wicket each. (LIVE SCORECARD)


1st Test, Day 5 Live Cricket Score Updates Between India (IND) vs England (ENG), Straight From MA Chidambaram Stadium

  • 13:36 (IST)

    OUT! Jasprit Bumrah c Jos Buttler b Jofra Archer 4 (4)

    A length delivery by Archer, swings away outside off. Bumrah outside edges it to Buttler for a catch.

    England win by 227 runs and take a 1-0 lead in the four-match Test series.

  • 13:34 (IST)


    Leach tosses a flat delivery, on leg stump. Ishant sweeps it to the square leg boundary for a four!

  • 13:31 (IST)


    Archer sends a quick delivery. Ishant goes for it, but the ball snicks through him. The bails fall off, has Ishant doslodged them?

    England celebrate but Ishant stands his ground. Review shows that the bails were off before the delivery.

  • 13:24 (IST)


    Leach floats it up on middle. Bumrah slams it to the midwicket boundary for a four!

  • 13:23 (IST)

    OUT! Shahbaz Nadeem c Joe Burns b Jack Leach 0 (13)


    He tosses it in towards off stump. Nadeem outside edges it to Buttler, who misses it. It loops to Burns at second slip, who does the rest!

    In walks, Jasprit Bumrah.

  • 13:17 (IST)

    OUT! Virat Kohli b Ben Stokes 72 (104)

    A reverse-swinging delivery by Stones. It goes under Kohli’s bat, as he tries to defend it. It crashes against the off stump!


    In walks, Ishant Sharma.

  • 13:11 (IST)

    No run, drinks session

    Leach tosses this up, outside off. Nadeem leaves it alone.

    India are 175 for seven after 54 overs, and its drinks time now!

  • 13:06 (IST)


    A short delivery by Stokes, outside off. Kohli pulls it between the two fielders in the outfield for a four!

  • 13:02 (IST)

    OUTTTT! Ravichandran Ashwin c Jos Buttler b Jack Leach 9 (46)


    A short delivery by Leach, it bounces away just as Ashwin was about to cut it. It snicks and goes to Buttler for a catch.

    In walks, Shahbaz Nadeem.

  • 12:57 (IST)


    Stokes delivers a length dball, wide of off. Kohli gets close and smacks it through the covers for a four!


  • 12:54 (IST)

    Three runs

    Leach tosses up his delivery, on the pads of Kohli. He glances it through midwicket. Three runs.

  • 12:51 (IST)

    No run, IND: 162/6

    A length delivery by Stokes and Ashwin defends it to short midwicket. No run.

  • 12:45 (IST)

    1 leg bye, big appeal!

    Leach drags his length back, and sends it in wide of the crease. It hits Ashwin’s pads. England appeal, but ball tracking shows its bouncing over.

  • 12:41 (IST)

    Two runs

    A short delivery by Anderson, outside off. Kohli finds the gap between point and cover for two runs.

  • 12:36 (IST)

    No run, IND: 156/6

    A full delivery by Anderson, in on off. Ashwin defends it back to the left of the bowler.

  • 12:34 (IST)

    One run, Virat Kohli reaches his half-century!

    A full delivery by Anderson, in around middle. Kohli goes forward and guides it through square leg for a single.

    Kohli reaches his fifty, fighting alone for India!

  • 12:22 (IST)


    An overpitched delivery by Leach, on off stump. Kohli goes forward and drives it between Leach and Ashwin for a four!

  • 12:21 (IST)

    FOUR! IND: 148/6

    A full delivery by Anderson, outside off. It is swinging away, and Ashwin edges it to the right of slip for a four!

    India need 272 runs more to win, meanwhile England need four wickets.

  • 12:14 (IST)

    No run

    A tossed up delivery by Leach, on middle and leg. Kohli defends it to cover. No run.

  • 12:13 (IST)

    The action resumes!

    Virat Kohli and Ravichandran Ashwin to resume batting for India. Meanwhile, Jack Leach will resume the proceedings for England.

  • 11:33 (IST)

    No run, IND: 144/6 | Lunch, need 276 runs

    Back of a length by Archer, on off stump. Ashwin sends it to short cover. No run.

    India are 144 for six after 39 overs, and its Lunch time now.

  • 11:29 (IST)

    No run

    Back of a length by Archer, outside off Ashwin sends it to point. No run.

  • 11:23 (IST)


    A full toss, again on off stump by Bess. Kohli slams it between midwicket and mid on for a four!

  • 11:23 (IST)


    Another full toss, on off stump. Kohli smacks it past the non-striker for a four!

  • 11:23 (IST)


    A full toss on off stump by Bess. Kohli creams it away to the wide long-on boundary for a four!

  • 11:18 (IST)


    A fuller delivery, in off stump by Archer. Kohli goes on the front foot to drive it down the pitch to the straight boundary for a four!

  • 11:13 (IST)

    Bess tosses it up on off stump, and Kohli glances it to the right of mid-on for a single.

  • 11:07 (IST)

    No run

    Back of a length by Anderson, close to off stump. Kohli fends it behind square on the off side. No run.

  • 11:04 (IST)

    OUT! Washington Sundar c Jos Buttler b Dom Bess 0 (5)

    A quick length delivery by Bess, outside off. Sundar gets a thin edge, and goes through to Buttler. The review goes in England’s way.

    In walks, Ravichandran Ashwin.

  • 10:59 (IST)


    A soft full toss by Bess. Kohli drives with much aplomb through cover for a four!

  • 10:56 (IST)

    OUTT! Rishabh Pant c Joe Root b James Anderson 11 (19

    A full delivery, on off stump line, by Anderson. Pant tries to flick it into the leg side, but then can’t adjust and is too late. The ball goes to Root, at short cover.

    In walks, Washington Sundar.

  • 10:49 (IST)


    A full delivery by Leach. Pant drives it through cover point for a four!

  • 10:44 (IST)

    One run, IND:104/4

    Tossed up full by Leach, outside off. Pant guides it to the vacant cover region for a single.

  • 10:37 (IST)


    A full delivery by Anderson, with width. Pant smacks it through the cover point for a four!

  • 10:30 (IST)

    OUT! Ajinkya Rahane b James Anderson 0 (3)


    A reversing delivery, kept low by Anderson, and is of full length. Rahane tries to defend, but is beaten by its movement. It hits the off stump.

    In walks, Rishabh Pant.

  • 10:28 (IST)


    A reverse swinging full delivery by Anderson, bending in at off. Rahane goes forward but is beaten by the delivery. It hits him low on the pad. The umpire doesn’t give out, and England review it. It goes in India’s favour!

  • 10:23 (IST)

    OUTT! Shubman Gill b James Anderson 50 (83)


    A good length delivery, around off. Gill is too late, and it goes past him to the off stump. OUT!

    In walks, Ajinkya Rahane.

  • 10:21 (IST)

    One run, Fifty for Shubman Gill!

    A short delivery by Leach, turning away. Gill sends it behind square on the off-side for a single. FIFTY FOR GILL!

  • 10:21 (IST)


    A full delivery by Leach. Gill sends it to the midwicket boundary for a four!

  • 10:12 (IST)

    One run

    A flat delivery by Leach, on off. Kohli sends it to the left of silly point for a single.