Netflix to show first Angolan feature film · Global Voices

Netflix to show first Angolan feature film · Global Voices

Dias Santana is 80% an Angolan production and 20% South African

Netflix advertisement for the movie Santana, to be premiered on 28 August. ScreengrabImage text: “I want Dias Santana and his brother dead” 

From August 28, an Angolan production will appear for the first time in Netflix’s catalogue. It is the feature film “Dias Santana”, made jointly with South Africa.

The film “Santana”, a co-production between Angola and South Africa, by Maradona Dias dos Santos and Chris Roland, which premiered in cinemas in 2015 with the title “Dias Santana”, will be available on Netflix on 28 August

The film, which was shown at the Cannes Film Festival in 2015, tells the story of two brothers, a general and a police officer, who discover the identity of their parents’ killer from decades before.

According to the outlet Observador, the film was produced by Giant Sables Media of Angola and Zen HQ Films of South Africa.

The Angolan producer of the film, Jeremias Didalewa, posted a thankful message on his Instagram profile for having managed to close the deal with the platform:

Malta, amigos e compatriotas. Conseguimos fechar o deal com a Netflix. Teremos o filme “DIAS SANTANA” primeiro filme Angolano na Netflix.

Um filme, com uma produção Angolana 80%/Sul Africana 20%. História de uma família Angolana, que começa em Angola e termina na África do Sul. Com vários actores nacionais e internacionais.

Guys, friends and compatriots. We managed to close the deal with Netflix. We will have the film “DIAS SANTANA” the first Angolan film on Netflix.

A film, with a production 80 percent Angolan and 20 percent South African. The story of an Angolan family, which begins in Angola and ends in South Africa. With several national and international actors.

The premiere of the Angolan film comes one month after the first Mozambique film also appeared in the Netflix catalogue.