Cabinet is expected to approve plans to bring back bonuses for banking staff. Pay has been capped at €500,000 at the three bailed out banks – AIB, Permanent TSB and Bank of Ireland – and bonuses have been banned since the financial crash. But plans before Cabinet this morning areContinue Reading

Universal free school meals would make a huge difference to the cost-of-living crisis – here's how

Africa Studio/Shutterstock The UK government’s recent autumn statement set out several measures to help people with rapidly rising prices. These including increased benefit payments and an extension to the energy price cap, although at a less generous rate than currently guaranteed. Campaigners will have been disappointed, though, at the lackContinue Reading

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The EU parliament has declared Russia to be a state sponsor of terrorism. The largely symbolic resolution, which passed by a 494-58 vote on November 23, has no particular real-world consequences, but reflects MEPs’ condemnation of Russia’s “deliberate physical destruction of civilian infrastructure and mass murder of Ukrainian civilians withContinue Reading