Lockdown returns: how far can coronavirus measures go before they infringe on human rights?

[ad_1] DANIEL POCKETT/AAP As of this morning, ten “hot spot” postcodes in Melbourne’s suburbs have gone back into Stage 3 coronavirus lockdown. In these suburbs, stay-at-home restrictions will be enforced by police patrols, “booze bus”-style barriers and random checks in transport corridors. In what Premier Daniel Andrews described as “extraordinaryContinue Reading

Border closures, identity and political tensions: how Australia's past pandemics shape our COVID-19 response

[ad_1] Tensions over border closures are in the news again, now states are gradually lifting travel restrictions to all except Victorians. Prime Minister Scott Morrison says singling out Victorians is an overreaction to Melbourne’s coronavirus spike, urging the states “to get some perspective”. Federal-state tensions over border closures and otherContinue Reading

Joy Hester – a body of work, remembered at last

[ad_1] Joy Hester at Fitzroy Gardens, 1942. Albert Tucker/State Library of Victoria I have been thinking a lot lately of how many worlds there are contained in very small spaces and how every person is really one world to himself unconnected by anyone or any thing. – Joy Hester, 1947Continue Reading

How Bali could build a better kind of tourism after the pandemic

[ad_1] Farizun Amrod Saad COVID-19 has hit tourism-reliant destinations hard. The Indonesian island of Bali, for example, where 70% of the population depend on tourism, has seen extensive job and income losses since it closed its borders in April. The economic impact so far has been greater than that ofContinue Reading