Coronavirus: B cells and T cells explained

Christoph Burgstedt/Shutterstock To get the upper hand on the coronavirus, we first need to understand how our immune system reacts to it. Understanding this will lead to better treatments, effective vaccines and knowing how near we are to herd immunity – and if it’s even achievable. Every day, new researchContinue Reading

Herd immunity: why the figure is always a bit vague

hobbit/Shutterstock Nearly 100 years ago, two British researchers, William Topley and Graham Wilson, were experimenting with bacterial infections in mice. They noticed that individual survival depended on how many of the mice were vaccinated. So the role of the immunity of an individual needed to be distinguished from the immunityContinue Reading

Does your face mask protect you or other people?

Should we wear face masks? We tell our children to cover their mouths when they cough, so when we cannot predict who may or may not have COVID-19, it makes sense to wear a face covering in public. But not all face coverings are the same. They can be splitContinue Reading