What are the symptoms of omicron?

Dragana Gordic/Shutterstock For nearly two years, millions of members of the public have been submitting daily health reports to the ZOE COVID Study, helping us to track the pandemic as it unfolds. In particular, the 480 million reports submitted via the study’s app have shown that as the virus hasContinue Reading

THE BBC could barely conceal its satisfaction as Britain notched up 150,000 deaths “with Covid” this weekend. The toll, it noted, was equal to the entire population of Oxford. BBC dooms-mongers paint Boris’s Britain as a Covid catastrophe – they’ll never admit we’re showing Europe the way out To emphasiseContinue Reading

RIOT police armed with batons and shields clashed with thousands of anti-lockdown protesters in the Dutch capital today. Crowds gathered in Amsterdam‘s Museum Square to object against Covid-19 measures and vaccinations – despite a country-wide ban on group meet-ups. Getty Images – Getty A police dog attacks a demonstrator protestingContinue Reading