The enforcer: the myth and reality of organised crime's hard man

Millennium Films Vividly portrayed in films from The Godfather to The Sweeney, the idea of criminal enforcement using threats, intimidation, assault and murder has long been an established underworld practice. Despite the widespread cultural fascination with this shadowy part of society, there is little in the way of academic workContinue Reading

A-level debacle has shattered trust in educational assessment

Students protest against A-level results, August 16 2020. I. Salci/Shutterstock After five days of uncertainty and anxiety, Education Secretary Gavin Williamson announced on August 17 that students in England would be awarded their centre assessment grades (CAGs) this summer – that is, the grade their school or college expected theyContinue Reading

Five ways coronavirus is deepening global inequality

Informal workers have no protection from the pandemic. PradeepGaurs / Before coronavirus, inequality was already increasing in many parts of the developing world. But the pandemic is going to greatly heighten existing economic and social inequalities. Here are five of the main ways inequality is heightening around the world.Continue Reading

The hidden impact of coronavirus on Gypsy, Roma Travellers

Studio 2/Shutterstock We know well by now that coronavirus does not affect everyone equally. In England and Wales, Black people are four times more likely die from COVID-19 than white people, while people from a Bangladeshi background are twice as likely. Coronavirus has also had a disproportionate effect on peopleContinue Reading

It’s time to tackle post-COVID-19 mental health · Global Voices

Patients suffer delirium, depression, and post-traumatic stress disorder Photo credit: Oscar Navarrete, used with permission. We human beings tend to trivialise our bodies’ mental and emotional health. We make jokes like “I must be going crazy” or “I have a memory like a sieve”, which could be defence mechanisms againstContinue Reading