We developed tools to study cancer in Tasmanian devils. They could help fight disease in humans

[ad_1] Shutterstock Emerging infectious diseases, including COVID-19, usually come from non-human animals. However our understanding of most animals’ immune systems is sadly lacking as there’s a shortfall in research tools for species other than humans and mice. Our research published today in Science Advances details cutting edge immunology tools weContinue Reading

Lockdown returns: how far can coronavirus measures go before they infringe on human rights?

[ad_1] DANIEL POCKETT/AAP As of this morning, ten “hot spot” postcodes in Melbourne’s suburbs have gone back into Stage 3 coronavirus lockdown. In these suburbs, stay-at-home restrictions will be enforced by police patrols, “booze bus”-style barriers and random checks in transport corridors. In what Premier Daniel Andrews described as “extraordinaryContinue Reading