Ryan Garcia banned from boxing for 1 year and loses entire Devin Haney purse

Ryan Garcia banned from boxing for 1 year and loses entire Devin Haney purse

Ryan Garcia has been issued a one-year ban from boxing and forced to forfeit the $1.1 million (£870,000) prize purse he earned from defeating Devin Haney. The series of punishments come after the 25-year-old tested positive for a banned substance.

On Thursday, Garcia and his legal team agreed to terms with the the New York State Athletic Commission on a suspension of at least one full year. The outspoken boxer will additionally be forced to return the winnings from his upset victory over Haney back in April, as well as pay a $10,000 (£7,900) state maximum fine.

On the heels of his dominant showing in the ring, Garcia tested positive for a performance-enhancing substance. The Sports Medicine Research and Testing Laboratory divulged that his doping control forms revealed the presence of Ostarine, which was banned by the World Anti-Doping Agency in 2008.

Ostarine attaches itself to androgen receptors, proteins in the body, which in turn leads to muscle growth. Though the drug is not approved by the Food and Drug Administration, it can be found in some supplements. Garcia initally alleged that his positive test was the result of a misunderstanding, claiming he accidentally consumed Ostarine from NutraBIO super carb raspberry lemonade and strawberry-flavored Body Heath Perfect Amino.

Due to the murky test results, Garcia’s win was officially ruled a no contest. Taking to social media shortly after the news was announced on Thursday, Haney applauded the adjustment to the fight score.

“Thank you too the commission for doing the right thing & making the right decision,” he wrote. “I don’t understand how golden boy is getting any money as if they took any punches. They haven’t even spoke out about this PED situation.” As for what should be done with the $1.1 million that Garcia is now forced to fork over, Haney argued: “Me.. VADA & the commission should all be splitting that money.”

One day prior to the NYSAC settlement, Garcia announced that he’d be retiring from boxing. His shocking decision seemingly softened the blow of his one-year ban from the sport, as he wrote on X: “I was already retired so I’ll just come back out of retirement for a year.”

Garcia has continued to maintain his innocence, asserting that he has never taken steroids in his life. “Nothing that was in my system was enough for any!!!!!!! This is why I’m done with the game I never ——- cheated,” he added.

It appears as though Garcia already has his sights set on a new endeavor while he serves his one-year suspension. In a flurry of tweets sent after the news broke, he flirted with potentially fighting next in the UFC Octagon.

“I’m headed to the UFC,” Garcia wrote, before adding: “Dana I want my 50gs” and “For real Dana white hit me up.”