England fans face 'drug and alcohol tests' at Euro 2024 as UEFA get strict

England fans face ‘drug and alcohol tests’ at Euro 2024 as UEFA get strict

England fans could be subjected to random drug and alcohol tests if they appear intoxicated while following the Three Lions at Euro 2024, according to reports. Around 500,000 fans are expected to travel to Germany over the course of the tournament, with as many as 40,000 set to watch England face Serbia in their opening match on Sunday.

UEFA have imposed strict rules on drugs and alcohol in a bid to crack down on potential disorder and antisocial behaviour, according to i. It is said that fans will be subjected to on-the-spot tests if they appear to be under the influence when attempting to gain entry to stadiums.

Random checks will reportedly be carried out, either by police officers or trained officials using breathalysers, on fans who display behavioural problems or are clearly intoxicated. Authorities have already taken steps to prevent alcohol-induced disorder, with low-strength beer set to be served in bars around the stadium when England take on Serbia this weekend.

Other stringent measures, such as banning public drinking at the main plaza in Gelsenkirchen, have also been introduced in a bid to stop fans getting too drunk. The FA reportedly asked German authorities to avoid serving any alcohol in venues around the stadium, but this request was said to have been refused.

Mark Bullingham, the governing body’s chief executive, has already issued a public plea to England fans by asking them to behave themselves for the duration of the tournament.

“Over the last few years I think we’ve shown our fans have been great supporters of the team and behave well,” he said. “Obviously, you are going to have a big volume of people so I think maybe that’s the factor that they do consider and we are expecting.

“I think the fans have given absolutely brilliant support to us, particularly in the stadium. I think there’s a lot of people going to come out here. The best thing that the fans can do to help us do well in this tournament is be a tribute to the country.

“We want them to do that, reminding them that [at the World Cup] in 2006 we were the fans of the tournament and they were brilliant then. I think we have the environment to do that. I think the German police have proved that they’re really good at policing football tournaments.

“There’s no reason why that shouldn’t be the case again, but really, the main message is to get behind the team and support in the right way.”