World Rugby urged to make two rule changes as England left in ‘a mess’

World Rugby urged to make two rule changes as England left in 'a mess'

Australian icon David Campese has called for World Rugby to simplify their rules surrounding TMO and especially kicks at goal.

Controversy has reigned at the Six Nations after Italy’s late penalty should have been re-taken and given them another chance at victory over France, as a result of the French team’s infringement, but it was not spotted at the time.

“You then get the chaotic scenario with Italy and the tee situation,” Campese told Planet Rugby. “Firstly, the field was littered with ‘waterboys’ and this is becoming far too regular occurrence.

“Get rid of them off the pitch; the ref was blindsided at one point because of one of the carriers and that didn’t assist him, although I want to caveat this by saying Christophe Ridley had an exceptionally good game outside of those last moments.

“We then end up with shot clock pressure and a controversy about the charge down, two things that can easily be removed from the game. We talk about attracting new watchers to the sport; imagine telling your Mum that there’s different charge down situations for a penalty or a conversion!

“Just make it the same for both, one way or the other, and remove complexity from the situation. With regard to the shot clock, again we’re adding ANOTHER law in where you don’t need one – simplicity is all!

“Personally, I’d allow the charge for both a penalty and a conversion – it adds drama. People talk about the Cheslin Kolbe moment against Thomas Ramos in the France v South Africa match, it was theatre, and very intelligent rugby from Kolbe who clearly knew Ramos’ routine from playing with him at Toulouse and against him with Toulon. But by allowing it for both, you simplify the laws, which is what we need to do.

“Let’s get consistency in the advantage laws too. Take the Mum analogy again; how do you explain an endless advantage in a 22 that we see regularly over a two or three phase advantage (the norm) in your own half? Make it simple – three phases and any advantage is over but allow the player in possession to call for his own advantage if they want it over and above play on, job done.”