Emergency services praised for ‘quick and comprehensive response’ to Blanchardstown fire

Minister of State Jack Chambers has said he will work with Fingal Council to provide any support and assistance he can following a fire at an apartment complex in Dublin.

The fire broke out at Falcon’s View apartment block in Blanchardstown just before 6pm on Sunday evening.

Seven units from Dublin fire brigade attended the scene and managed to extinguish the blaze after approximately an hour, with no reported injuries.

“It’s such a difficult situation for all the families that have been affected. I’m relieved that nobody has been injured,” he told RTÉ radio’s Morning Ireland.

Mr Chambers, who is a TD for the Blanchardstown area, went on to commend the emergency services for their “really quick and comprehensive response”.

It was important now there be “a full and thorough investigation” of the fire. “I was in contact with senior management at Fingal County Council yesterday who informed me that they were coordinating the response with Dublin Fire Brigade and the management company and were able to provide support and accommodation for families that were directly affected.


“Some of the other residents that were evacuated were able to return to their properties last evening.

“My understanding is that the fire began on a balcony and spread externally, and obviously there is some smoke damage to their properties and that will have to be assessed through the day.”

Fingal County Council will work with the management company on ensuring that those that have been directly affected are accommodated over the coming weeks, he added.

Earlier, resident Kiowa Daly said he believed it could be a few weeks before he and his girlfriend could move back into their apartment because of the smoke damage. Late last night his girlfriend, accompanied by his mother, went back to the apartment when given the go-ahead by Dublin Fire Brigade.

“The damage was extensive inside the apartment. The kitchen was completely destroyed. Fortunately, the bedroom was at the rear of the building and there was minimal damage other than smoke, so they were able to retrieve clothes, laptops and other items.”

Mr Daly said it had been difficult to process what happened. However, he said he and his girlfriend were fortunate that they could stay with his family until their apartment became available again.