TAKEAWAY pints are here to stay in a major boost to the King’s coronation celebrations this summer.

Boozers and eateries will no longer have to get a special licence to sell alcohol or set up outdoor dining.


Takeaway pints are here to stay in a boost to the King’s coronation celebrations[/caption]

The trend saved many small pubs who were forced to sell outdoor pints during the pandemic – and will be able to carry on without endless paperwork.

They’ll now be able to serve booze to punters who want to take them down to street parties to celebrate the King’s coronation later this year.

And the new laws will also make it easier for small businesses to host larger events – like weddings – without prior permission.

A government source said: “The British people have had a taste of al fresco pints and so the plan is to make it a permanent fixture across England and Wales.

“Booze can then be sold for drinking off-site at any pub or bar without the need for a special licence.

“It’ll be a boost for the economy and for drinkers across the country.”

Kate Nicholls, chief executive of UK Hospitality welcomed the move saying it was “the first chunk of light in a reduction in red tape.”

She added: “It is a welcome sign the government is listening, and ready to act to support entrepreneurship.

“But we need them to go further and faster to cut red tape and business costs for our vital and vibrant community pubs and neighbourhood restaurants – this is a positive boost but not a silver bullet

“Hospitality was at the heart of commemorations for the Queen and these plans will help them be at the heart of celebrations for the King this summer.”