CROWDS of people in China have been filmed breaking through a cordon in dramatic footage allegedly showing them rushing for food – as 26million face the world’s strictest Covid lockdown.

The group were seen pushing toward a dismantled barrier and forcing their way past panicked officials wearing blue PPE, in footage taken in Changzhou, Jiangsu.

Desperate residents have been filmed breaking through a barricade
Helpless officials attempt to stand their ground but are unable to hold the crowd back
Some members of the group manage to push their way past the barrier

A helpless official tries to re-erect a gate pushed to its side by the group, some members of the mob force their way past the barricade.

The video, posted to Twitter, was captioned: “Food riot in shanghai—china’s largest and wealthiest city—under covid lockdown.”

But Shanghai residents being confined to their homes with orders not to leave, even for food shopping, there is dispute around the context of the footage.

There are claims the clip is actually of people rushing to get PCR tests amid another tense moment during the pandemic.

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People have been instructed they must order food and water while awaiting Government deliveries of vegetables, meat and eggs.

But with services overwhelmed some are going hungry, fueling public anger as the city faces its biggest ever Covid outbreak.

It comes as heartbreaking videos circulate online of starving shoppers raiding a supermarket.

Desperate looters scouring for food are seen rummaging through boxes and fleeing with packaged goods after breaking through barriers.

The world’s third-biggest city has been under total Covid lockdown since April 5, with food supplies said to be running low as China‘s government struggles to cope.

Chinese authorities at first planned a phased lockdown in eastern and western parts of the city on March 28.

However, this measure was extended city-wide with no planned end on April 5 as cases rose to record highs in Shanghai.

On Friday, a record 21,000 positive cases were registered in the city, as authorities ramped up a severe mass testing program.

Some people have been completely barred from leaving their homes to get supplies for more than two weeks.

Disturbing footage captured the moment ordinary citizens in Shanghai appear to start screaming out of their windows after being forbidden from leaving their houses for over a week.

Video originally shared on Chinese social media shows the Shanghai night skyline, with dozens of high-rise apartment blocks visible.

In the background, dozens of screaming voices, seemingly from a number of different locations, can be heard spontaneously.

Outrage has been mounting in the area over claims parents are being separated from their children if they test positive, BBC reported.

Shanghai authorities amended their response to allow parents who were also infected to join their kids in isolation centres however Reuters understands this was not applied to all cases.

Amid growing frustration with the latest lockdowns restrictions, video of vile animal abuse sparked further fury online.

A pet corgi was seen being beaten to death after his owner tested positive for Covid amid the strict lockdown.


Shanghai residents have been filmed scouring a supermarket for food and other supplies[/caption]


Workers wearing PPE are seen next to food delivered by the local government for residents[/caption]


Firefighters wearing personal protective equipment (PPE) unload anti-epidemic supplies[/caption]