Exmouth band’s new show

The Exmouth Shanty Men are about to release a new double album, featuring songs from their unique two part stage show “Tall Ships and Tavern Tales”.

The show, described as a voyage in song from the high seas to a dockside ale house, features both traditional sea shanties from the era of the tall ships  and songs which sailors of old might have enjoyed singing in a dockside tavern.

Exmouth Shanty Men, Devon’s “original buoy band”, dress as merchant sailors on stage, adding actions to tight organic harmonies in a fun-filled performance.  

The new album is to be launched first in Poland. Ship’s Cook Sam Minella explains “this month we are making our fifth trip to Poland, to play at a large festival in Krakow. Sea shanties are big in Poland and we have lots of fans there – and we always enjoy ourselves when we visit!”

“Tall Ships and Tavern Tales” is recorded by Wild Goose, the leading traditional folk music label, and will be launched in the UK at The Beach Hotel, Exmouth on 1st March. (Evening)