Homeowners could save £121,000 on energy bills, research shows.

Research completed by DIY experts Jenolite revealed that UK homeowners could save £1,497 annually on their energy bills by making home improvements. This is equivalent to £121,257 over an average lifetime.

As well as saving money on energy bills, it was found that certain home improvements and maintenance can prevent further damage which could cost upwards of £70,000.

Energy bills soar in winter, but a range of home improvements can help lower them year-round. Improvements include installing insulation, sealing windows, servicing boilers and more.

Below are some savings that can be made:

Maintaining boilers and ensuring they’re in working order can save £245 annually.
Replacing old radiators can save up to £370 a year on energy bills.
Well-sealed windows can save up to £192 a year.
Underfloor heating can save £20 annually on energy bills – a total saving of £1,000 across their 50-year lifespan

Paul Edwards, UK Technical Team Manager at Dakea and Altaterra, said: “Making windows in your property more energy efficient will reduce your bills and improve your carbon footprint.” Paul continued: “Make sure window gaps internally and externally are sealed correctly, insulation is used if required, air sealing tape is used if needed.”

Jo Snell, Self-Build Manager at Nu-Heat, added: “Underfloor heating is around 25% more efficient than radiators. When paired with a heat pump, they are as much as 40% more efficient.”

Maintenance and home improvements can also prevent further issues and damages, which may become costly. This includes major leaks caused by not checking or repairing pipes, damaged roof structure due to damaged or missing roof tiles, or replacing a broken boiler.

The main improvements which can become costly if not fixed include:

If a leaking pipe goes unnoticed or isn’t fixed swiftly, it can turn into a major leak. This could result in over £62,000 of damage. Using a suitable sealant or pipe bandage, costing between £13 and £22, can prevent this.
Regularly servicing boilers reduces the chances of them breaking and needing to be replaced or repaired – it costs £80 a year to service a boiler. If a boiler does need replacing, it can cost around £1,550.
Sealing windows is a simple and low-cost improvement – homeowners can do this by purchasing a sealer for approximately £13. Windows that aren’t well-sealed can result in water getting in, possibly meaning the whole window pane and frame will need to be replaced. This costs around £200.
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