‘Jayne’ should have us ‘Smiling’ through!

Smiling Jayne, a 120,000 guineas yearling, has excellent prospects of building on an extremely encouraging course and distance debut in the six-runner Fillies’ Novice Stakes over a mile of ‘good to firm’ Haydock this afternoon when ‘Super-Saturday’ will be a saturation session, completely against the principle of selective punting.

My advice, stick with this in-form column which is all about three ‘investments’ in non-handicap races; two-year-olds form my modus operandi which produced a ‘full house’ Wednesday and followed up with Dungar Glory, which flawed a so-called ‘unbeatable’ odds-on chance, Mumcat, at Wolverhampton with odds of 5/1 available.

Realistically it’s been a tremendous week with several ‘headliners’ knocking bookies for six and enhancing your bank balances, if indeed you have stuck to our advice avidly. Why wouldn’t you!

There’s a constant moan nowadays about ‘too much racing’ but I’m not buying into a calendar programme, which produces more than 70% of race-cards with boring, unsolvable handicaps; why even bother to look at them, given for the most part they are a nothing but a ‘cheat’s charter?’

When racing on a regular basis, two and fifty meetings a year as a ‘young’ man and an owner, and indeed advisor/handicapper for major racing stables of Robert Armstrong and Barry Hills, my brief was to look for racehorse opportunities in all racecards; given my ‘wages’ were based on ‘winners only’ one burned the midnight oil in an insatiable quest for results. Wouldn’t you for £100 a winner?

Youthfulness is all about energy and, of course, I was at the very pulse of our English racing scene; nowadays mine needs to be checked with the prospect of a third pacemaker which will rid me of ‘heart failure’ and breathlessness; nowt fazes me however, working in our garden, in tandem with a fascinating ‘work load’, isn’t a problem, in fact ‘The Lord’ has looked after me very well, even though at times a ubiquitous existence has had me non-plussed.

Realistically life is all about pacing and acceptance of circumstances is absolutely necessary; few slip catches are dropped in this household with twin 50″ televisions on the go for every single race which can be replayed as data. Not one newspaper is required nowadays, just a skim over the magnificent, detailed Sporting Life and Racing Post websites.

Just heed this advice on a daily basis and, don’t gamble, ‘play’ my non-handicap selections and none other!

Selections, Haydock, 1.00 Smiling Jayne (e.w); 1.30 Deauville Legend (e.w); Chester, 2.00 Point Lynas (nap-e.w).

 Jeffrey Ross, horse-racing correspondent for WMN since 1983 when winning the most prestigious racing journalist award, Sporting Life Naps Table, before winning it a record number of six times collectively in the Racing Post, the current ‘trade’ paper, including 2019