Anti-vax couple who spread message on popular YouTube channel die of Covid within three weeks of each other

AN anti-vax couple who used their YouTube channel to spread their message have died of Covid within three weeks of each other.

Tristan and Dusty Graham were firmly against the coronavirus vaccine, claiming the jab was an affront to their human rights.

Tristan and Dusty Graham used their YouTube channel to spread their anti-vax views[/caption]

The couple, known as the “Alabama Pickers,” from Huntsville, Alabama, said they had no intention of getting the jab.

Dusty died from the disease Thursday, three weeks after his wife “passed suddenly in her sleep” following complications from Covid.

Their daughter Windsor posted a message on their GoFundMe page saying: “Unfortunately Dusty and Tristan have both passed away.

“Thank you for all the kind words and helping us during this difficult time.”

In a video message posted earlier this year the couple shared their views on local mask mandates to their followers.

Speaking about the jab, Dusty said: “Still haven’t gotten the you know what. Still not planning on getting it.

“But if you want to, bully for you,” Tristan added, supporting her husband.

Dusty then claims he already has is “own passport” referring to his birth certificate and the US Constitution.

He then predicted: “I think this will be all behind us in a couple years. Then they’ll be like, ‘You don’t need that anymore’.”

Dusty said he had managed to survive without a vaccine for the past year and knew of friends who contracted the virus together with two of their children.

Dusty then pleads for funds in a separate post in late August, saying he needed help to pay for his wife’s funeral, while he was struggling in intensive care.

He said: “Dusty here from Alabama Pickers. Tristan passed suddenly in her sleep on Wednesday, due to Covid complications.

“I’m currently in ICU myself, battling it out, but will be looking at multiple Expenses within the next week: Medical, Funeral, Burial Plot, Expenses, Casket, etc!

“I would like to have a little left over to help Gabe and Windsor out. Anything you can find in your heart, will be SO APPRECIATED!! We love you guys!!”


The husband and wife team died three weeks apart, both from Covid[/caption]