Exhibition of Frank Bowling’s works

Arnolfini, in partnership with arts company The Space to Come, hosted a day of intimate and interactive events, inviting visitors to explore the work of painter Frank Bowling using their senses, imagination and memory.
Devised by Gaylene Gould of The Space to Come in collaboration with dance theatre practitioner Raquel Meseguer, Arnolfini, and a range of artists, writers and guest speakers, this relaxed event has been designed to create new, accessible ways to explore visual art.

Three ‘Feeling Tours’ during the afternoon used stillness, reflection, and conversation to help visitors explore their senses of Frank Bowling’s abstract paintings. Visitors experienced the paintings in a peaceful environment, prompted by playful invitations from tour guides, before reflecting on their experiences with others. Afterward visitors processed their responses through conversations with colour theorist and Director of the Centre for Fine Print Research Dr Carinna Parraman, and a writing workshop with multidisciplinary artist and writer ValdaJackson. Programme co-curators Gaylene and Raquel will shared their thoughts on the relationship between rest and emotional awareness.

Gaylene Gould and Raquel Meseguer at Frank Bowling Land of Many Waters July 2021 image by Lisa Whiting Photography for Arnolfini

In the evening visitors were welcomed in to the galleries to experience artist Frank Bowling’s paintings in a restful, relaxing environment either sitting or lying. Visitors were led by choreographer Raquel Meseguer and musician Jamie McCarthy. McCarthy will interpret different paintings through improvised responses, inspired by Bowling’s own improvisatory painting techniques. Visitors were invited to explore and enjoy the artwork in a new way, whilst sharing in the experience of relaxing and resting together within a public space.