Letter to Editor: Peace on Earth

On Wednesday 23rd June a British warship entered into Russian territorial waters, 12 miles off Crimea, whether the disputed waters are Russian or not, it was the height of gross stupidity to send a British warship into a disputed warzone. The Russians say warning shots were fired at the ship. The BBC reporter on HMS Defender said 2 Russian ships attemped to block HMS Defenders route and that all weapon systems were activated. Game of Thrones. Kings and Pawns. We are all brothers and sisters on this beautiful planet Earth, no matter what race, nationality or religion we are. No cause is worth insulting or killing our fellow world citizens for. OK our forebears made tragic mistakes but we the ordinary people must now start halting the cycles of mistrust and the insane drive to a World Nuclear War. Ordinary people should support leaders that fight for Peace not war, to many warmongers lead people who are decent at heart. Let us turn swords into ploughshares. Leave the increasingly aggressive NATO, Cancel Trident (which we do not control) and fund the NHS, Education, use the Peace dividend to help repair the economic damage that the Covid pandemic has caused. Let the hands of friendship cross all borders.

Dylan Robertson Bridport