Letter to Editor: Dr Geeta Nargund calls for local women to talk about their health

Although female life expectancy is higher than men in the UK, shockingly women on average spend less of their life in good health compared with men. Less is known about women only conditions, and research which could improve women’s health are often gender biased. This must change. The Government are urging women of all ages and backgrounds to respond to a new Call for Evidence about their experiences of using the health and care system – from puberty through to menopause, mental health to dementia. I am asking all of your readers from all backgrounds, to visit gov.uk/talk-womens-health if they have something to share and pass it on to their family and friends. Their voices must be heard to help shape the Department for Health and Social Care’s first ever Women’s Health Strategy to improve the health and wellbeing of women across England.    

Professor Dr Geeta Nargund, Co-Founder Ginsburg Women’s Health Board