‘End Lockdowns now’ says new political party in South Hams

Voters in the South Hams district can now cast their vote in the County Council elections for a new political party that wants to end the lockdowns, protect medical freedom of choice and protect our human rights and liberties.

The new Freedom Alliance political party is fielding candidates in all seven of the divisions in South Hams. There are 20 candidates in all standing in Devon, from Seaton to Hartland and from Combe Martin to Salcombe.

Dr Stephen Hopwood is a local party spokesman and a doctor of medicine who has worked in Totnes as a holistic practitioner for 25 years. He said: “These are unprecedented times and we aim to show that we are indeed a viable force to be reckoned with. More and more people are intelligently analysing what is true and what is not and beginning to see through the false narrative. We have decided to stand to support these people in this understanding and to directly oppose this unacceptable roll out in our community.”

“We’re offering electors the chance to vote for a genuine opposition to the measures which have been imposed by the Government – measures that we do not believe were even remotely justified by the scale of the threat in the first place.”

Our economy has been ruined and our individual freedoms massively curtailed. Our fundamental human rights are in real danger of being lost and we believe we must act now to protect our community and humanity.

The Freedom Alliance Political Party, which was officially recognised earlier this year, is committed to the principles of personal freedom. The party believes everyone should have the fundamental right to choose. The right to choose to leave home whenever they wish, to meet with whoever they want to and to be free to operate a business and to make a living as they need to.

The Freedom alliance believes that freedom of speech and the freedom of people to gather are fundamental human rights. Importantly, they consider everyone should be free to make their own medical choices – whether to have a vaccine, get a test or wear a mask.

“We reject the kind of restrictions that have been imposed on us in the last year under the guise of a pandemic which is just not justified by a proper rigorous scientific study of the data,” said Dr Hopwood.

“We have seen the threat of Covid exaggerated and large numbers of deaths caused by the lockdown itself – a huge cost in human misery, with people unable to get treatment or not being diagnosed for other illnesses. The toll on mental health and on society as a whole has been completely appalling, punitive and very damaging.

“Old people have been imprisoned in care homes. Children have seen their education blighted and been coerced into virus testing regimes and mask-wearing which is all hugely psychologically damaging. Businesses and livelihoods have been unnecessarily destroyed.”

The Freedom Alliance is calling for an immediate end to all lockdowns and believes any testing or vaccination should be completely voluntary and any ‘decline’ should not lead to any detrimental consequences. The party rejects compulsory mask-wearing and says vaccine passports are unnecessary and discriminatory.

Dr Hopwood said: “Times are very hard and people are delighted to have sincere individuals and a new political party step forward and speak up for them. Our numbers are growing rapidly as increasing numbers of local people realise what is going on and identify the need to stand together.” 

Dr Hopwood is standing in Totnes and Dartington; Christian Parkes in Dartmouth and Marldon; Pete Burgess in Kingsbridge; Jim Blake in Salcombe; Simon Gedye in Ivybridge; Emma Relph in Bickleigh and Wembury; and Jim Sandy in South Brent and Yealmpton.