A magical story, by a lady who meant so much.

Paula Gover-Simpson sadly passed away in February 2020, much loved to her family and friends. She was a vivacious and inspiring character, who now thanks to family, has a legacy for her creative skill and imagination.

Known as Paul, both her and her husband moved to Devon in 2015 to be nearer her family and grandchildren.  But before her move to the South West, Paul had a long and varied career in the arts even as part of the of the Scottish National Ballet, after graduating from the Royal Academy of Dance.  She was also one of the founding members of Artform – an amateur dramatics group based in Bromley.

After her ballet career came to an end, Paul began choreographing and directing local amateur dramatic societies.  This also included working with various children’s choirs, in particular “Giocosa Cantabile” which won several awards for their 4-part harmony elements.

She always had an active imagination, even as a child immersing herself in her fantasy world and creating stories and plays for her dolls.  Even at a young age she battled with several health conditions, including asthma and Pneumonia..  Despite this, her childhood was an artistic one, with her Father performing in the music halls, as well as her aunt Mabel, a concert pianist who taught her to sing. 

The story ‘Faye and The Music Fairies – The Clef Crystal’

Her move to Devon was the catalyst for her to combine her two favourite things, music and fairies and so a series of stories were in the making.  Although only until now have been completed.

One of her last wishes was to be a published author, a task which fell to her youngest daughter Lyssa.  The story ‘Faye and The Music Fairies – The Clef Crystal’ is the first book of 6 which is now available on Amazon.  It follows the story of an adventure with Faye, transcending into another world, full of creatures in an enchanting land through her learning the piano.

Her daughter Lyssa said: “It’s been a really emotional time for everyone, my family and I wanted to mark mum’s passing a year ago with something that would have meant the world to her” she added “Mum would have been over the moon for people to be able to read her stories, in many ways we believed she was a fairy herself, we miss her dearly, this is our way of keeping her flame alive”.

Paul’s memory, creativity and wonderful imagination will be now never been forgotten, for generations to enjoy year on year, by a one-of-a-kind real-life fairy who loved to sing and play with magic.