A circular economy could end waste – at the cost of our privacy

Elise Robert/Shutterstock In a circular economy, we wouldn’t have any waste or pollution. Instead, everything we make and all our byproducts would be reused or repurposed, helping to end the over-exploitation of our finite resources and damage to our environment and climate. To make this process profitable, the manufacturers ofContinue Reading

Rogue planets: hunting the galaxy's most mysterious worlds

An artist's impression of a gravitational micro-lensing event by a free-floating planet. JanSkowron/Astronomical Observatory, University of Warsaw. Most known planets orbit a star. These planets, including Earth, benefit from the star’s warmth and light. And it is the light emitted from these stars which makes it possible for us toContinue Reading

When did humans first go to war?

Cain and Abel. Palma il Giovane When modern humans arrived in Europe around 40,000 years ago, they made a discovery that was to change the course of history. The continent was already populated by our evolutionary cousins, the Neanderthals, which recent evidence suggests had their own relatively sophisticated culture andContinue Reading