While thousands of festival-goers will flock to Somerset to see their favourite performers live, thousands of others will avoid the crowds and the camping and will instead tune in to the BBC to see the festival’s highlights. If you’re in the latter group, find out below the complete TV scheduleContinue Reading

L ambeth is London’s musical hotspot for chart success according to new research carried out by the music industry. The British Phonographic Industry (BPI) looked at the backgrounds of the artists behind the top 300 albums of the last 12 months then crunched the numbers to identify the most successful areas.Continue Reading

Review at a glance T his slick, conspiratorial thriller drove theatre nerds into a frenzy before it even opened. A drama about identity theft, it was billed as the first play by “Dave Davidson”, who’d worked “in the security industry” for 38 years. The script was lauded by leading playwrightsContinue Reading