Why Hong Kong will remain an international financial centre, despite new security law

Strong foundations: Hong Kong's finance industry. Shutterstock.com Following the introduction of a new Chinese national security law, some are questioning the sustainability of Hong Kong’s position as an international financial centre. These doubts are augmented by China’s plans to transform Hainan, another island off the southern coast of the ChineseContinue Reading

From woolly hats to Kinky Knickers – buying British may not be the saving grace it once was

Willy Barton/Shutterstock When Britain’s shops sprang into post-lockdown life in the second half of June, the Daily Mirror’s front-page headline commanded readers to “Shop for Britain”. Backed by tiny boutiques and retail magnates alike, this patriotic campaign called on shoppers to add shopping to the fight against the COVID-19 economicContinue Reading

Coronavirus: the future of women’s football is under threat

England's Nikita Parris and US's Crystal Dunn at the 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup Semi Final match in France. Jose Breton- Pics Action/Shutterstock Women’s football has made great strides in recent years. Attendances at the women’s FA Cup final continue to set new records. One survey suggested that one-third ofContinue Reading