‘Invisible hands’: How millions of domestic workers fare under COVID-19 · Global Voices

Unions and organizations fight against weak contracts Part of a 9-post illustration series on Instagram, by Brazilian artists Leandro Assis and Triscila Oliveira. Used with permission. This is a collectively written story by Emma Lewis, Belen Febres-Cordero, Saoussen Ben Cheikh, Mina Nowrozi, Violeta Camarasa, Juliana Harsianti, Romina Navarro and Giovana Fleck. According to the InternationalContinue Reading

Coronavirus: how the pandemic has exposed AI’s limitations

AI has its limitations in a crisis. Shutterstock It should have been artificial intelligence’s moment in the sun. With billions of dollars of investment in recent years, AI has been touted as a solution to every conceivable problem. So when the COVID-19 pandemic arrived, a multitude of AI models wereContinue Reading

Coronavirus: B cells and T cells explained

Christoph Burgstedt/Shutterstock To get the upper hand on the coronavirus, we first need to understand how our immune system reacts to it. Understanding this will lead to better treatments, effective vaccines and knowing how near we are to herd immunity – and if it’s even achievable. Every day, new researchContinue Reading