Poster for ICFJ/Unesco campaign to combat violence against women.

The insidious problem of online violence against women journalists is increasingly spilling offline with potentially deadly consequences, a new global survey suggests. Nearly three-quarters (73%) of female respondents to our survey – taken by 1210 international media workers – said they had experienced online abuse, harassment, threats and attacks. AndContinue Reading

Striker Mohamed Salah will be returning for Liverpool in the upcoming Champions League clash against Atalanta, manager Jurgen Klopp confirmed on Tuesday. Salah had missed Liverpool’s Sunday’s Premier League win over Leicester as he had tested positive for coronavirus during the international break. Liverpool manager Klopp has confirmed that theContinue Reading

Confused about COVID? Here’s how to read a research paper

Rido/Shutterstock Scientific evidence can be difficult to understand. Normally we can rely on experts to interpret it for us, or the media to accurately report any interesting new discoveries, but the pandemic has challenged this. Almost daily we are faced with contradictory views claiming to be “based on the scientificContinue Reading

Lockdown has been hard on teenagers, but they have shown remarkable adaptation

GroovyPanda/Shutterstock The COVID-19 lockdown upturned the lives of teenagers at a time when they are usually becoming more independent and taking steps toward their future. Instead, they were confined to their homes, exams were cancelled, and their next steps looked suddenly less certain. Our research on the TELL Study –Continue Reading

'Never let a crisis go to waste': how three CEOs helped their companies thrive in a pandemic

Some businesses have managed to build positive outcomes from the crisis. MicroOne/Shutterstock The COVID-19 pandemic has prompted different responses from company CEOs seeking to ensure their businesses survive. Keeping their employees safe has been the first priority, but beyond that, their task has involved understanding the situation, launching countermeasures, andContinue Reading